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Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Student Committee Picture Competition
Thank you to all participants



Elisabeth Andriessen (Laboratory: Dr Mike Sapieha)
1st place
Picture title: Cause Baby You’re a Firework
Legend: Cells gather around a laser-induced burn on a mouse choroid.


Barabino_Retinal organoid

Andrea Barabino (Laboratoire: Dr Gilbert Bernier)
2nd place ex-aequo
Title: Human stem cell-derived retinal organoid
Legend: Retinal organoid derived from human stem cells. Stepwise differentiation of cells from retinal progenitors (SOX2 stained in red) to mature photoreceptors (CRX stained in green), mimicking retinal development.


Ding_RRSV_concours photo 2015_Ding,Weinmeng
Weimeng Ding (Laboratoire: Dr Mike Sapieha)
2nd place aex-equo
Title: Nanoparticles on the retinal pigment epithelium
Legend: The image showed the ex vivo choroid (layer adjacent to the photoreceptors) covered with gold nanoparticles (small white spots). Compared to these nanoparticles of 100nm in diameter, small red blood cells became giants. When light shines on the nanoparticles, they can act as miniscule scalpels and treat cells individually. Due to the small size of nanoparticles and their light-activable characteristics, innovative diagnostics and therapeutics solutions became possible for obstacles in diseases that were hard to treat previously.