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Eye tissue bank for vision research

Description of the infrastructure

The bank of human eye tissue coming from consenting donors enables the Network researchers to work together on their research. Thus, the Eye Bank of the University Centre of Ophthalmology plays an important role in the achievment of these various research programs thanks to the number of corneas and human eyeballs received annually. When the eyes are available for research, the cornea, the retina, the retinal pigment epithelium, the Muller cells and melanocytes of the choroid are collected for research. Corneas nonqualified for transplants are also available. Each researcher is responsible for the costs associated with the isolation, culture and cryopreservation of the cells by these research funds.

Impact of the infrastructure

The datas from the annual scientific report of this infrastructure about the number of publications and presentations at international conferences clearly show that, each year, this infrastructure allows research in vision’s health and the VHRN to reach an international standing. This infrastructure will go on contributing to the overall productivity of VHRN. Moreover, this infrastructure allows multiple researchers and institutions from diverse backgrounds to join forces and work together on various eye problems.


This infrastructure is available to all members of the network as long as each researcher ensures that their projects requiring the Eye Tissue Bank received the approval from the ethics committees of the hospitals involved. It is currently used by several VHRN researchers.

Infrastructure administrator

Stéphanie Proulx, PhD
Laboratoire d’Organogenèse Expérimentale (LOEX)

Contact person

Kim Santerre – Kim.Santerre.1@ulaval.ca
Mathieu Thériault – Mathieu.Theriault@USherbrooke.ca

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