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Registration and Payment


Registration at the Annual Meeting entitles you to a badge, a program and a lunch.

  • Registration is free for all undergraduate  and graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and research staff.
  • For professors, researchers, clinicians and other health professionals who are VHRN members, the registration fee is $50.
  • For non-members, the registration fee is $100.

You will find information about the method of payment on your invoice.

Registrations are online. Please note that only one registration can be made at a time. A person can submit more than one abstract. 
Each participant must register individually.

Online registration

Call for Abstracts


Each student is encouraged to present his work. Each presenter has to register and fill out the “Abstract submission” section on the online form. Two weeks before the Annual Meeting, the applicants will be informed by email if their abstract was accepted for an oral presentation or a poster. We strongly encourage presenters to indicate a preference on the abstract submission form. However, we cannot guarantee the selected type of presentation. Doctoral students completing their last year will be given precedence over others for oral presentations. Poster presentations will all be accepted.

General instructions

The abstracts must have maximum 3000 characters, including spaces (excluding title, authors and funding)

ATTENTION: to submit more than one resume, please contact the VHRN by email or by phone.

Instructions for Oral Presentations

The day of the Annual Meeting, please arrive at 8:00 am to transfer your oral presentation onto the computer before the beginning of the session. No presentations will be transferred onto the computer while a session is underway. Personal computers are not allowed. Two weeks before the Annual Meeting, you will be notified of the time allotted for your oral presentation. It is important to respect that time period. A time period will be dedicated to questions by the audience, even if the presentation is not finished. Any surplus will be automatically penalized by the jury.

Instructions for Poster Presentations

Posters can be put up between 7:30 and 8:30 am or during the coffee break. Poster panels are 1.75 meters (69’’) wide by 1.4 meter (45’’) high. You will have 3 minutes to present your work, followed by a 2 minute question period.

Presentations from ARVO or other international, national or provincial conferences that took place in the last year are encouraged.


This year again, several prizes will be awarded in each of the following categories (subject to changes):

  • Award of Excellence – « My thesis in 180 Seconds » by a last year doctoral graduate*
  • Award of Excellence – Category oral presentation
  • Award of Excellence – Category poster presentation by a pre-graduate student
  • Award of Excellence – Category poster presentation by a graduate student
  • Award of Excellence – Category poster presentation by a research fellow
  • Award of Excellence – Category poster presentation by a professional

*IMPORTANT: To qualify for the award « My thesis in 180 Seconds » by a last year doctoral graduate, you must have completed your doctoral studies within the 12 months preceding the Annual Meeting or plan to finish your doctoral studies within the 12 months following the Annual Meeting. Each student is eligible only once to this price. 

To be eligible to one of the awards:

  • you must have participated to the study and be among the authors of the study presented
  • your research project must have been done under the supervision of a researcher or a clinician who is affiliated to a university or to a public or a parapublic organization. Presenters issued form the industry are not eligible to the competitions.
  • you must be a student, a post-doctoral researcher or a member of the research staff. Other professionals (optometrists, orthoptists, nurses, etc.) are also eligible.

Evaluation Grid

Criteria Weight
Clarity of the presentation /6
Knowledge of the subject /6
Questions /6
Respect of the time /2
 Grade /20


Online registration and submission 

Note: if you experience difficulty registering online, please complete this form and send it to reseau.vision.hmr@ssss.gouv.qc.