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Cornea and Anterior Segment axis

The cornea is a very special tissue, due to its transparency and essential role in the optics of the eye. The transparency and the shape of the cornea ensure the refraction of the light and the focusing of the image on the retina, from where it is transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve.

Corneal blindness can result from loss of the integrity of the protective surface of the cornea, from disorganization of the programmed arrangement of corneal fibers and collagen lamellae relative to the entering light wavelength, from opacification or loss of stromal substance or from a dysfunction affecting its endothelial layer. Given its importance, the cornea is the most transplanted human tissue, with over 50,000 corneal transplants performed annually in the United States and Canada.

The following pages illustrate the main research topics, the recent discoveries and the list of members of this research axis.

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Director: May Griffith, PhD

Assistant Director: Elodie Boisselier, PhD

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