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Inter-network initiatives

Description of the program

The Vision Health Research Network (VHRN) and the Quebec Network for Cell, Tissue and Gene Therapy (ThéCell) are proud to announce the creation of a new competition: «  Inter-network initiatives – VHRN and ThéCell « .

This program aims to promote interactions between the two networks by offering a support to finance research projects developped by researchers from both networks.

Link to the directory of research members from ThéCell.

Deadline: December 13 2020* in process

* Should this date falls on a Friday or Saturday, the candidate will have until Sunday night to send their application.


20,000 $ (10,000$ from both networks) / one year / non-renewable

Funding can begin on February 1st 2021.

Evaluation grid




2020-2021 documents to download

Guide and application form

PDF Version→ Initiatives_Inter-reseaux RRSV-TheCell_Guide_Form_EN_20201112

Word Version→ Initiatives_Inter-reseaux RRSV-TheCell_Guide_Form_EN_20201112