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Common Infrastructures competition for the researchers

The goal of the COMMON INFRASTRUCTURES program is to provide for the Network’s researchers resources and tools available to all and that they could not have afforded otherwise in order to promote vision research in Quebec.

Amount and duration of the grants: The financial support for a common infrastructure is granted for one year. The maximum budget for infrastructure is $30,000 and could be higher if justifiable and depending on performance. In all cases, the amount of subsidy will depend on the availability of funds. This funding is renewable upon presentation of a scientific report and a completed renewal application.


FIRST APPLICATION: not available for 2023

 RENEWAL:  October 15 2023*

*Should these dates fall on a Friday or Saturday, the candidate will have until Sunday night to send the application.

Refer to the common infrastructures funded by the VHRN ←


RENEWAL APPLICATION (additional information will be transmitted to the manager – email sent during the first week of September)  

2023-2024 Documents  

IF_Renewal Form_PDF VERSION_September 2023

IF_Renewal Form_WORD VERSION_September 2023


Scientific Report

A SCIENTIFIC REPORT must be submitted at the end of each grant, and at the occasion of the VHRN renewal application.

Financial Report 

For any VHRN funded project, a FINANCIAL REPORT must be submitted to the FRQS by the end of the financial year (March 31st) following the grant year and also at the end of this grant.