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Graduate Student Excellence Award competition

Deadline for submission: August 15 2022* 

* Should this date falls on a Friday or Saturday, the candidate will have until Sunday night to send their application.

These award aim at assisting graduate students in vision research to outperform at competitions for scholarship from granting agencies (FRQ; CIHR; others). These non-renewable nominative awards will be given to the most promising candidates.

Candidates can apply to one of the following competitions:
Excellence Award – MSc
Excellence Award – PhD

Anticipated notice of decision: end of September

2022-2023 Documents

INSTRUCTIONS and SECTIONS:                 Excellence Award_PDF Version_August 2022

Excellence Award_Word Version August 2022

All sections

Information guide – Training award programs : New evaluation criteria

APPLICATION FORM:                                   Electronic Form – available until August 15 2022 – 11h30 PM


Checklist for attached documents

  • 1a. Copy of the application form required by the granting agency (FRQS or other) AND if applicable, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1e, 1f, 1g:
    • 1b. Layman abstract  (Section 1) *
    • 1c. Training and scientific achievements (Section 2) *
    • 1d. Integrated pathway presentation (Section 3) *
    • 1e. Project Description (Section 4) *
    • 1f. Bibliography (Section 5) *
    • 1g. Social mobilization (Section 6) *
  • 2. Proof of residency
  • 3. Proof of registration
  • 4. Completed transacripts
  • 5. Acknowledgement of receipt of submitted articles
  • 6. Canadian Common CV (detailed contributions)
  • 7a. Supervisor’s FRQS electronique form (FRQS-portfolio web site)** OR if applicable 7b and 7c (for example: PhD Formation – director’s section)
    • 7b. Integration Research Program  (Section 7) *
    • 7c. Source of funding (Section 8) *
  • 8. Supervisor’s Canadian Common CV  (detailed contributions)
  • 9. Students status update from the laboratory (Excel file)


* Mandatory si you are not applying for the FRQS (these sections are included in the FRQS application form) 

**Mandatory if you are applying for the FRQS