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Initiation to Vision Student Research Award – SUSPENDED since Fall 2018

As part of the various training programs in Quebec, exposure to vision science is usually late and insufficient. Consequently, the objective of the VHRN research internship is to arouse the interest of students early enough in their training to enable more the more promising candidates to pursue their studies in vision. The award, worth up to $ 2,000 for a four-month period, is addressed to undergraduate students from all backgrounds.

Amount of the award: For a full-time course, the amount of a scholarship is $ 500 per month of completed internship, up to a total of $ 2,000.

Deadline for submissions:

  • March 15: for the internship of the Summer session: SUSPENDED
  • July 15: for the internship of the Fall session: SUSPENDED
  • November 15: for the internship of the Winter session: SUSPENDED