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Group 1. Brain & Perception Session

Alexandre Reynaud, Post-Doctoral research fellow, McGill University (laboratory: Dr Robert Hess)
Excellence award
Title : Normalisation interoculaire dans le cortex visuel primaire du singe

Seung Hyun Min,  MSc student, McGill University (laboratoty: Dr Robert Hess)
Excellence award
Title : The effects of monocular deprivation do not accumulate across days in adults with normal vision

Group 2. Cornea & Anterior Segment, Visual Impairment & Rehabilitation Session 

Sébastien Méthot, PhD student, Université Laval (laboratory: Dr Patrick J. Rochette)
Excellence award
Title : « Burnout » mitochondrial des cellules de l’endothélium cornéen dans la dystrophie de Fuchs.

Andrea Urqueta Alfaro, Post-Doctoral research fellow, Université de Montréal (laboratory: Dr Walter Wittich)
Excellence award presented by the CRIR
Title : An interview based assessment’s  sensitivity and specificity for identifying dual vision and hearing loss in older adults with and without risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Group 3. Retina & Posterior Segment Session 

Michael Housset, Post-Doctoral research fellow, Université McGill (laboratoire:  Dr Michel Cayouette)
Excellence award
Title : Planar polarization of cone photoreceptors in the mouse retina

Heberto Quintero, Post-Doctoral research fellowUniversité de Montréal (laboratoire: Dre Adriana Di Polo)
Excellence award
Title : Altered mitochondria transport and reduced expression of mitochondrial trafficking proteins in glaucoma

Group 4.  « Mes recherches en un clin d’œil » Session

Diane Sayah, PhD student, Université de Montréal (laboratory: Drs Mark Lesk and Santiago Costantino)
Excellence award
Title : Ocular rigidity is correlated with glaucomatous structural damage


Corina Lacombre, UConcordia University (laboratory Dr Aaron Johnson)
Group 5 – Excellence award – Undergraduate students
Title : The impact of affect on environmental scene perception

Hugo Ladret, Université de Montréal (laboratoire: Dr Christan Casanova)
Group 6 – Excellence award – Master students
Title : Learning dynamics in a neural network model of the primary visual cortex

Jiaru Liu, Université McGill (laboratoire: Dre Ayesha Khan)
Group 7 – Excellence award  – MD and Master students
Title : Assessment of WINROP algorithm as a screening tool for detection of retinopathy of prematurity: the Montreal experience

Maude Vinette, Université McGill (laboratoire: Dr Michel Cayouette)
Group 8 – Excellence award  – Master students
Title : The endocytic adaptor protein Numb functions in Müller glia to maintain retinal polarity and photoreceptor survival through the polarity determinant Crumbs

Anne-Sophie Laurin, Université de Montréal (laboratoire: Dre Aarlenne Khan)
Group 9 – Excellence award – PhD student
Title : Reliance on central vs. peripheral vision for visual search in younger and older adults

Nathalie Martinello, Université de Montréal (laboratoire: Dr Walter Wittich)
Group 9  Excellence award  presented by the CRIR – PhD student
Title : Exploring the facilitators and barriers encountered by adults and seniors with acquired vision loss who pursue braille training

Tapan Agnihotri, Université McGill (laboratoire: Dr Jean-Sébastien Joyal)
Group 10 – Excellence award – PhD student
Title : Pathological Neovascularization in Retinopathy of Prematurity is regulated by Heme-derived Iron Trafficking

Visou Ady, Université de Montréal (laboratoire: Dr Christian Casanova)
Group 11 – Excellence award –  Post-Doctoral research fellow
Title : How to optimize the visual contrast response of cortical neurons