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Call for nominations

The time has come to renew the term of office of many directors and co-directors who sit on the VHRN Board of Directors, either because their term of office has expired or because of sabbatical leave.

The deadline for submitting your application is Sunday, May 28, 2017

The available positions are as follow:

Director of the Cornea and Anterior Segment axis
Co-director of the Cornea and Anterior Segment axis
Director of the Brain and Perception axis
Director of the Retina and Posterior Segment axis
Director of the Visual Impairment and rehabilitation axis
Co-director of the Visual Impairment and rehabilitation axis

Axis Directors’ mandate (source: VHRN Charter)
The axis director is responsible for the implementation of policies and objectives of the Network and the Board of Directors.
He ensures the dissemination of relevant information to the members of its axis.
He stimulates collaboration between the members of its axis.
He organizes the meetings of members of its axis.
He is involved in drafting the application for renewal of the Network by providing the Director of the Network with the necessary information concerning the accomplishments and the scientific programming of its axis.

Axis Co-directors mandate (source: VHRN Charter)
The co-director shall assist the axis director in his duties.
In the Board of Director committee, the co-director of the axis votes for the director of the axis in the absence of the latter.

The mandates are for a period of 4 years, renewable.

Active Members interested in holding one of these positions can send their application, including a short biography followed by few lines explaining their interest in the position for which they are applying to the VHRN by e-mail. If more than one application per position is received, elections will be held according to the schedule below.

Reception of applications:                   May1 to 28
Compilation of applications:              May 29 to 31  
Electronic voting within the axes:     June 1 to 11
Compilation of results:                        Week of June 12
Announcement or results:                   Week of June 19