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Vision Network Publication Award for students


SUMMER COMPETITION: August 1st 2020* – 2020-2021 Laureates

WINTER COMPETITION: February 1st 2021*

*Should these date fall on a Friday or Saturday, the candidates will have until Sunday night to send their application.


The Vision Network Publication Award aims at rewarding the excellence of health vision research by students (graduate and post-doctorat fellow) members of the VHRN. The specific objectives of the program are to promote research carriers in vision health in Quebec, to stimulate research student and intern involvement in the VHRN and to encourage the acknowledgement of the excellence of their work in the scientific community of Quebec and Canada.

The prize

  • The prize is of 250$ per student per publication, of which the student is the first author.
  • A presentation of the award holder(s)’s research is posted on our website.
  • In the case of authors who contributed equally to the research, the prize is devided equally among the two of them.

Important dates


  • Date of publication: February 1st to August 31st 
  • Announcement of the winner(s): August 20
  • Application to the FRQS competition Relève Étoile Jacques Genest: September 1st 


  • Date of publication: August 1st to February 29 of the following year 
  • Announcement of the winner(s): February 20
  • Application to the FRQS competition Relève Étoile Jacques Genest: March 1st of the following year

2020-2021 Documents

INSTRUCTIONS and FORM:                    Publication Award_PDF Version_June 2020

                                                           Publication Award_Word Version_June 2020

APPLICATION FORM:                               TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLEsee options below

You can:

  • send your application by email (please specify your supervisor and your degree) – reseau.vision@ircm.qc.ca
  • reconnect later. Our technical team will solve the problem ASAP. When it will be repared, the link will be available again.

Sorry for these inconveniences


Checklist for attached documents 

  • 1. Additional questions + publication details (Sections 1 and 2)
  • 2. Justification (Section 3)
  • 3. Biography (Section 4)
  • 4. PDF Version of published article
  • 5. Picture (JPEG or other)